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Practitioners of Environmental Action Civics

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This community bring together Environmental Action Civics practitioners like you to share best practices and resources, so that we can strengthen the field and equip young people with the skills and motivation to become environmental decision-makers in their communities.

The community is hosted by Earth Force but driven by members like you. Members can share events, suggest spaces, add input to the community charter, and more. We are growing together!  

You belong here.

We are human-driven and focused on building a safe and vibrant community.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of the Environmental Action Civics Alliance:

  • You will acquire skills and knowledge from leading Environmental Action Civics practitioners.
  • Access resources that empower you to inspire young environmental decision-makers.
  • Engage in meaningful connections supporting the overall strength of the field.

When You Join Today

When you join the Environmental Action Civics Alliance, you’ll find a one-stop shop to:

  • Learn from Environmental Action Civics Courses: In these courses hosted on our platform, you can gain knowledge about the basics of Environmental Action Civics and dig deeper with our expert program team. This experience will empower you to implement Environmental Action Civics on a local level, and be more valuable contributors to our community.
  • Connect with other practitioners: Join one or more of our Spaces to connect with practitioners! These spaces provide a casual, dynamic setting for sharing ideas and discussing best practices regarding Environmental Action Civics. By chatting, members can get different perspectives, learn new things, and add to the wisdom of our community.
  • Share and/or attend events: Throughout the year, members can share and/or attend interactive events that feature Environmental Action Civics perspectives from the field, as well as field-driving discussions. Participating in these events will equip members with practical skills and experiences, boosting their confidence and capability to implement Environmental Action Civics in their communities.